Volume 7 Contents

BodyMuscle Forum:
Everything You Need To Know About Bodybuilding!

Basic Training:
Jeff Everson’s Big Chest Bomb

Maximum Muscle Mass Through

Multi Angular Training

The Inclusion Diet
You Can’t Live By Bread Alone

Feature – Julie Lohre:
The Best Shape Of Your Life

Natural Success:
On The Road With Brad Ritter

Fit Doc’s Apothecary:
Dewayde Perry, M.D.
Muscle Advice From The Fit Dr.

Julie Lohre Ms Figure champion
On the Cover Julie Lohre IFBB Pro

All Photos of Julie are by Richard Lohre

BMJ Volume 6

Body Muscle Forum:
Everything You Need to Know About Bodybuilding
The Best Way to Build Maximum Muscle Size
& 7 Amazing Fat Loss Tips – Prioritizing Your Supplements –Slam Training:20-Minutes To Muscle With

Brief-Brutal Training! – 5 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes – Getting the Most From Your Training

Basic Bodybuilding Training:
The 30-Day Calf Blast
Jeff Everson’s Best Muscle Size Training Routine

Maximum Muscle Mass Through Nutrition & Super Supplements:
Excess Protein May Cause You to Burn More Fat

Muscle Synergy The Strongest Supplement Stack for Muscle Growth

Feature –Tracy Beckham
Warrior Athlete NPC female bodybuilder

Natural Success:
Real World Goal Setting

Fit Doc’s Apothecary:
Dewayde Perry,M.D. Muscle Advice from the Fit Dr.

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