Training for Practical Gains

Multi Angular

By: Scott Mendelson
Body Muscle Volume 7

Many people have no problem pressing a house on a flat barbell press with their wide elbow pressing motion. But -- what if you bring in your grip 4 inches on each side and tuck your elbows in to create a close grip pressing motion? Feels weaker? I bet it does as your triceps play a larger role with a close grip, if underdeveloped you will be weak in this range and your tri’s will lack in size. You can fix that!

Go to any gym on a Monday and you will see most trainees display their strongest exercise whether it be a bench, squat or deadlift because they have just had TWO days of rest!

Remember too, the exercise you train first will always benefit most as you will be able to mobilize the greatest focus and effort at the start of any workout or training sequence. This is why you should move weak body parts and movements to the front of the workout and to the beginning of the training week.

Start with your weakest grip or angle for the first set of any exercise and gradually move towards your strongest point by the final set.

For example, if you do three sets of lat pull downs your first set will be a wide grip beyond the bend of the bar, second at the bend and finally a shoulder width grip which is 95% of trainees strongest pull down grip.

This not only targets your weakest points helping to activate new growth, but also pre fatigues your strongest angles first. The routine below may include fewer exercises and sets than what you are accustomed to, but believe me this is by no means an easy program. My consultation clients have complained of post workout soreness especially during the first week of training, but putting on a few pounds of new muscle each week will prevent any trainee from complaining!

Day 1 Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Close grip bench press 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 30
A2 Standard grip bench press 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 30
A3 Wide grip bench press 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
B1 Seated cable row to upper chest 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 30
B2 Seated cable row to mid chest 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 30
B3 Seated cable row to belly button 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
C1 30 degree incline fly 2 10-12 3-3-1 45
C2 30 degree incline reverse fly 2 10-12 3-3-1 45
Day 2
A1 Wide stance squat 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 45
A2 Mid stance squat* 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 45
A3 Shoulder width squat 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
B1 Prone hamstring curl toes pointed in 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 30
B2 Prone hamstring curl toes pointed out 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 30
B3 Prone hamstring curl toes neutral 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
C1 Standing calf raise 2 10-12 3-3-1 45
C2 Donkey calf raise 2 10-12 3-3-1 45
Day 3
A1 Seated 45 degree incline curl 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 30
A2 Seated 30 degree incline curl 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 30
A3 Seated 15 degree incline curl 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
B1 45 degree incline tricep ext 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 30
B2 30 degree incline tricep ext 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 30
B3 Flat tricep extension 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
C1 Chin up 2 10-12 3-3-1 45
C2 DB shoulder press 2 10-12 3-3-1 45
Day 4
A1 Lunge front foot elevated 2-3 4-6 3-2-1 30
A2 Lunge front foot elevated 2-3 6-8 3-2-1 30
A3 Lunge no elevation 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 90
*A1 elevate front foot on 45 pound plate -
A2 elevate front foot on 25 pound plate -
A3 no front foot elevation.
Start with week leg- rest 10 sec between legs
B1 Seated calf raise toes out 2-3 6-8 5-2-1 30
B2 Seated calf raise toes slightly in 2-3 8-10 5-2-1 30
B3 Seated calf raise 2-3 10-12 5-2-1 90
C1 Standing cable crunch 2-3 6-8 5-2-1 30
C2 Hanging knee raise 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 30
C3 Swiss ball twisting crunch 2-3 8-10 3-1-1 3-1-1 90

Set Sequence Explanation
The letters and numbers above indicate supersets. For example on Day 1 you will perform a set of A1 close grip bench press, rest 30 sec perform A2 mid grip bench press, rest 30 seconds and finally A3 wide grip bench press, rest 90-120 seconds and then repeat the sequence for the number of sets you choose to do.

Rep Speed - aka Tempo

The repetition component lengths will be designated by a number of seconds. Most of the programs require a tempo of 3-1-1.

This refers to a three-second eccentric (lower phase), a one-second pause at the bottom, and a one second concentric (pushing or pulling against the resistance) phase. The following order will be a uniform pattern eccentric-isometric-concentricreset point.

Generally do a 3-second eccentric (negative or lowering phase), a onesecond pause (isometric) at the bottom, and a one second concentric (positive or lifting) phase.

A number system is assigned to indicate the number of seconds attached to each phase of the rep. Simply count in your head as you would count reps to ensure you follow the tempo procedure. Notice as workouts become harder and loads heavier you will subconsciously deviate from the tempos if you are not careful. Your loading may be lower than in the past for a few exercises, but the hit to your ego will be well worth the mass put on your body parts. Take a look at the clock before each set; your sets should have an approximate length based on the number of reps and corresponding tempo. A set of 6 for example with a 3-1-1 tempo should last 30 seconds.

Nutrition Summary

Training is the stimulus, the opportunity for new growth and strength. The right nutrition plan will enable you to capitalize!

Here are my top 5 tips for nutrition success

Eat frequently and adjust meal portion sizes to fit your goals. 5 meals are OK, but 6 would be better, the constant flow of nutrients to your muscles not only builds the foundation for new growth, but helps your metabolism operate at peak levels to burn body fat. As Jeff Everson would say, "Both get massive, but pigs pig out infrequently and muscular bulls graze frequently."

Prepare your food in advance. A lack of time to prepare or consume food is no excuse. Make time! We all know that every street corner offers a variety of worthless foods which will add body fat to your waistline faster than switching the channel on your TV. Have good options available at all times to avoid pit falls while hungry.

Consume quality food sources only, as empty calorie foods will not help you reach your goals. Enough said, use common sense, if it was not running around on land, swimming in the sea or growing from a tree then it is not worth eating.

Pick the right protein powder for the appropriate time. Ultra Size represents one of the most significant advancements within sports nutrition over the past several years. This compound is designed specifically for nigh time or when you do not eat frequently as it has multiple slowly absorbed proteins and is anti-catabolic. Ultra Size is the only protein powder that can be cooked at high temperature to make cookies, pancakes and muffins without burning. These quick snacks can be a lifesaver! Muscle Provider is a multi-species whey that can be used with meals, post workout and frequently in the day. It is the most powerful anabolic protein in the world.

The weight training community has been spoiled with supplement advancements over the past five years and in the process proven winners have been neglected.