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Q There are a lot of companies developing new products nearly every month. What is it with Beverly? While others market the newest and latest cutting edge products overnight, it appears Beverly doesn’t take this approach. Will Beverly be developing any new products soon?

A Cutting edge you say? Guess what? There is no such thing as a new, breakthrough miracle supplement of the month. What a lot of companies do is repackage an old idea and old inventory about every six months. What they really are doing is rushing for cash! Meanwhile, they ignore their customers and ignore product quality.

Beverly doesn’t do this—and never will play that game! Interestingly, the average lifespan of most bodybuilding supplements is less than one year. What happens is, the newest supplements are typically the least tested, as they have had little use by the consumers in the real world. The same goes for the newest supplement companies. They make claims about their products when they haven’t even been in business long enough to see whether their product works or not. They just say it does and use some high tech language to make you believe it. Beverly is the real bodybuilding world and has been since 1967; Beverly has been obsessed with providing only the best quality bodybuilding supplements possible.

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Beverly focuses exclusively on providing dietary supplements and education to the serious, drug-free bodybuilder. Our obsession has been supported by a commitment to educating clients and letting our clients educate us. The result of Beverly’s obsession is that we now have the most ’field’ experience of anyone in the industry.

We’ve learned which training, eating; and to answer your question – which supplements work and which don’t. We have almost 4 decades of ‘in the trenches real world’ testing. Look at all the supplements that have been introduced with incredible fanfare and bombed and/or been unsafe! We stick with the same ’best-quality’ ingredients year after year, regardless of the hype. We upgrade our muscle-building and fat-removing formulas only when it makes them work better, that is, only when it is truly an ’upgrade’. Cost (and marketing) play a distant second to efficacy.

Look at androstenedione and the pro-hormone farce. That trend started over seven years ago and is now in the last stages of a slow death. Beverly was about the only one who didn’t buy into the trend. What about Isoflavones? Then there’s Tribulus and goat weed. Ephedrine? Yeah, high blood pressure and fast heart rates. All fads, that eventually fall by the wayside.

Beverly could have made tons of money on the most recent fads as well, but our entire company would have been tainted by knowing that we had even a single product in our line that was not valid and would not help our clients achieve their highest attainable goal. Integrity is what fuels Beverly.

Another approach to the fast buck is the rhyming game. There are companies making names of their products that rhyme or sound or imply actions like steroids. This is illegal by the way and they will get popped by The FDA-FTC soon. Beverly has never once lead anyone down the false Road to Oz.

Protein and free weights have been around since the beginning of training. They both still work BEST. In fact, free weights still work FAR better than ANY machine I’ve come across at any price, and "best-quality" protein is still the most important supplement you can take. These old school secrets from the past are absolutely relative to everything today’s athlete is trying to accomplish.

Human physiology has not changed in the past 2000 years. But marketing and the cost of producing a quality supplement have. That’s why there is so little "hype" out there regarding the latest and best supplements from the "old school" of protein, aminos and liver. (What has always works – still works.)

Beverly continues to get client feedback and look for small incremental improvements to make our proteins even better. As a result of this continuous improvement process we are just releasing Ultimate Muscle Protein.

We started working on it the day our Ultra Size hit the market 5 years ago. It took this long to come up with what we were after; as the protein matrix in Ultimate Muscle is formulated in specific ratios for a sustained release of amino acids into the blood stream for a prolonged period of time to promote lean muscle tissue growth, repair and maintenance.

UMP contains all the essential amino acids along with the critical cluster amino acids (high BCA’’s, arginine, glutamine) you need for lean muscle growth.

Each scoop provides 20 g protein, minimal carbs (4 g) and healthy, unsaturated fats (3 g). It tastes great (you’re really going to like the Cookies and Cream flavor) and mixes really easy. Scheduled arrival date at Beverly is September 15, 2004.


Q I’m stuck! I’ve been training for 10-years and my best lifts are 320-lbs. bench, 320-lbs. squat and 365-lbs. deadlift at a weight of 170-lbs. I’ve competed pretty successfully in bodybuilding but want to focus for the next eight weeks on reaching some new strength goals. Suggestions?
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Tammy Storch trains a major part of the year to develop strength and power
A (Dave Payne – 2001 Supernatural – Overall) Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When you’ve been lifting for a long time, it’s easy to get into a rut and find yourself doing the same training and not making progress.

I’d like to offer a radical approach to jumpstart your strength gains. It’s a program designed by Stephan Korte, a powerlifter who was known for squatting 225-lbs.100 reps. It’s called the 3x3 program and it’s an 8-week program. You’ll be squatting, deadlifting, and benching 3 times a week for 8 weeks. Now before you start screaming "overtraining!", let me just say that you aren’t going to failure during most of these workouts. In fact, most of them will feel like they’re too easy.

Start by choosing the projected 1 rep max (1 PRM) or goal that you want to achieve for each of the three exercises. Be realistic. I targeted a 25-lbs. increase on squats, a 15-lbs. increase on deadlifts, and a 10-lbs increase on the bench. This is also what Korte recommends. If you can bench press 320 lbs. for a max single your (1PRM) will be 330 lbs. Note: PRM is projected 1 repetition maximum.

Week 1: Squats: 5-8 sets x 5 reps with 58%, 1 PRM.
Deadlifts: 5-8 sets x 5 reps with 58%, 1 PRM.
Benches: 5-8 sets x 6 reps with 58%, 1 PRM.
3 times a week (non-consecutive days --Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday).

Week 2: Same, But 60% of 1 PRM.

Week 3: Same, But 62% of 1 PRM.

Week 4: Same, But 64% of 1 PRM.

Week 5, Day 1: Squats: 3 sets x 3 reps, 60% 1PRM.
Deadlifts: 1-2 sets x 1 reps, 80% 1PRM.
Bench Presses: 5 sets x 4 reps, 60% 1 PRM.

Week 5, Day 2: Squats: 3 sets x 3 reps, 60% 1 PRM.
Deadlifts: 3 sets x 3 reps, 60% 1 PRM.
Benches: 1-2 sets x 1 rep with 80% 1 PRM.

Week 5, Day 3: Squats: 1-2 sets x 1 rep, 80% 1 PRM.
Deadlifts: 3 sets x 3 reps, 60% 1 PRM.
Bench Presses: 5 sets x 4 reps, 60% 1 PRM.

Day 1 is a heavy deadlift day.

Day 2 is a heavy bench day.

Day 3 is a heavy squat day.

Remember, day 1, day 2, and day 3 need to be on non-consecutive

Week 6: is the same but use 85% instead of 80% on the
heavy days. Light days stay constant at 60% 1 PRM.

Week 7: Use 90% and do just 1 set of 1 rep on heavy days.

Week 8: Use 95% 1 set of 1 rep on heavy days.
I’ve done 2 cycles of this program and have increased my squat 50- lbs, bench 20-lbs, and deadlift 30-lbs. I did the Korte program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and light arms on Tuesday and light back/shoulders on Thursday (along with calf and ab work on both of those days). But, do not go to failure on the non-Korte workout days! In fact, these workouts are not even part of the Korte program, I just did them because I can’t stand to go to the gym only three days a week.

I encourage you to give this program a try if you are in a rut like I was. I was a bit skeptical at first until I actually tried the program. It may seem radical, but it’s hard to argue with results.

The Cardio Mystery – Where Does It Fit In

Q I’m following a strict diet and lifting program but I want to take it up a notch to really lean out faster. I know opinions vary on the amount of cardio necessary to maximize fat loss; and that too much cardio can actually be detrimental to my goal of leaning out while retaining lean muscle. Do you think I should start doing cardio everyday?

A (Roger Riedinger, Beverly International) Your question opens up an enormous area of misinformation and misinterpretation. The answer is not as simple as saying, "more cardio is better or more cardio is worse." Your use of cardio depends on your goals -- how much fat you want to lose, how much time you have left to meet your goal of fat loss, and your current diet and supplement plan.

Here is how I see the issue:
To retain lean muscle while you lose fat you should shoot for a loss of 1-2 lbs. per week through a combination of diet and cardio. If you are losing two pounds per week through diet alone, chances are additional cardio will only cause loss of lean muscle tissue. However, if you are losing less than a pound per week then additional cardio may be necessary.
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You always should do high intensity cardio. Research has dis- proved the popular notion that low intensity exercise while staying in your training zone for an extended period of time is the best way to burn fat. A high intensity cardio session burns just as much fat and substantially more total calories. For fat loss, total calories counts! High intensity cardio improves your muscle’s ability to use fat for energy during and after exercise. With high intensity cardio sessions you can literally train your body to burn fat 24 hours a day. Set goals and quantify your cardio program. Don’t just get on a treadmill and walk. Set a goal! It can be duration, intensity (measured by % max heart rate, mph, % incline, or difficulty level), or best of all calories burned. Then, just like with lifting weights, try to increase each week – not time spent – but your calories expended.
12-week cardio program: Maximize your fat
loss, retain lean muscle, and improve
cardiovascular fitness.

1st Four Weeks:
•  Start with 12-20 minutes of fairly intense cardio three days a week. Measure your caloric expenditure. Each succeeding week try to burn more calories in the same amount of time. In order to burn more calories you will have to increase the intensity of the exercise. Walk faster or at a higher incline; or increase the level on the stationary bike.

• If you still need some additional cardio to get your 1-2 lb. per week weight loss, add an easy thirty-minute walk a couple of days a week. It’s important that you walk at a comfortable pace so you don’t burn up lean muscle tissue. • If you are already lean enough or losing weight at the intended pace, you can do two days high intensity cardio to improve your cardiovascular condition. Tremendous improvement in aerobic fitness can come from a fifteen-minute session. (See "high intensity interval cardio" and "steady state cardio" protocols below.)

Weeks 5-8:
•  Assess your condition. Are you on track? Can you get where you need to be without increasing cardio? Good!

•  If you’re behind schedule you may step up your high intensity cardio sessions to four per week. It is more important to continue to increase intensity than to merely increase duration. Set a goal for the total calories you will burn per week with cardio and keep trying to reach your target without increasing the amount of time you spend per day.

•  A good way to increase intensity is to use high intensity intervals twice a week and steady state high intensity cardio twice a week.
Outline of two types of high intensity cardio:
Steady State High Intensity Cardio Outline:

1: First perform a five-minute warm-up on the cardio activity (hill running, rope skipping) or machine of your choice (stepper, climber, treadmill, elliptical, rower, bike).
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2: Next comes the "work" segment. Increase your intensity or speed so that you are working very hard (85% of max heart rate). Continue at this intensity for a minimum of five minutes, and no more than ten minutes.

3: Finally "cool down" by decreasing intensity for five minutes. Record the average calories expended for each session, then try to improve it the following week.

High Intensity Interval Cardio:

1: Five-minute warm-up.

2: Crank up the resistance or speed for a 20-60 second interval that is very close to as hard as you can go. Take a brief rest (10- 60 seconds).This counts as one rep.

3: Repeat for 6-8 reps.

4: Five-minute cool down at reduced intensity.

Note: Many cardio machines are programmed for this type of training. All you have to do is select the "interval-training" program from the exercise menu. You’ll start off with a fairly light warm-up cycle, alternate high and low intensity intervals for a period of time, and then finish with an appropriate cool-down period. Increase the intensity level every week or two.

Weeks 9-12:
1: At this point you can add a third interval training day IF NEEDED, bringing your total high intensity cardio to five days.

Keep trying to increase intensity. Push to get to that next level on your interval days. If you could only get to Level 4 last week, try to complete your work sets at Level 5 this week.

2: Five days of high intensity cardio is enough for anyone. Usually an increase in cardio beyond five days per week will result in a decrease in lean muscle tissue. Your body has only a certain amount of recovery ability. Too much cardio will zap your recovery and deplete your energy levels.

3: Any additional cardio activity should be limited to 45 minutes of moderate walking, four or five days per week. If you require additional cardio to reach your fat loss goal,

Here’s a recommended supplement protocol to
maximize fat burning and retain lean
muscle mass: Step #1: Energy Reserve (1200 mg L-Carnitine) – 2 tablets before cardio to initiate fat mobilization and promote its use as fuel. This helps spare your glycogen and preserves muscle.

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Step #2: Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs – 2 scoops sipped before or throughout the cardio session. Free form L-Glutamine (10 grams) and branched chain amino acids (6 grams) feed your muscle directly and shut down the catabolic response. Optional: Additional anticatabolic reinforcement: Muscularity or Muscle Mass BCAA’s – Take 6 tablets before and after your cardio session.

Step #3: Prevent oxidative muscle damage to speed recovery and reduce stress response: Advanced Antioxidant Formula – 2 tablets after session.

6-Week Lean Mass Gain Diet

Q I’m impatient! I know that pound-a-month gains are great for a natural bodybuilder, but I was wondering if the Beverly "aces" have any suggestions for pound-a-week lean mass (not fat) gains?

A (Jon Abrams, Beverly International)
After being stuck at a bodyweight of 180 lbs. for the past 5 months, I finally decided to try something different. In the past I had often tried increasing my total calories from complex carbohydrate sources. However, my lean mass gains were at best minimal and the body fat that I would accumulate was excessive. After I dieted off the fat I’d end up back at square one.

Finally, declaring myself "borderline insulin resistant," I decided to experiment with a higher fat diet. If the extra calories coming from carbohydrates were making me fat, why not try increasing my calories from other nutrients?

Many great bodybuilders of the past ate whole eggs, red meat, and whole fat dairy products and without steroids and thyroid, they were big, strong, and relatively lean. I tried higher fats, as sometimes "Old School" is best.

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Finally, declaring myself "borderline insulin resistant," I decided to experiment with a higher fat diet. If the extra calories coming from carbohydrates were making me fat, why not try increasing my calories from other nutrients?

Many great bodybuilders of the past ate whole eggs, red meat, and whole fat dairy products and without steroids and thyroid, they were big, strong, and relatively lean. I tried higher fats, as sometimes "Old School" is best.

Here is the exact diet I followed for 5 weeks. This phase of the diet allowed me to gain 13 pounds of lean mass while simultaneously decreasing my body fat percentage. I ate 3 low-carb food meals throughout the day. The rest of my nutritional needs were met through a special "Blender Bomb." (An industrial strength meal replacement I carted around in a Tupperware pitcher and sipped from all day between food meals.)

Lean Mass Explosion Meal Replacement Recipe:
2 cups (six scoops) of Beverly Ultra Size
32 oz. of whole milk
16 oz. of heavy whipping cream

Meal #1:
5 whole eggs, 2 egg whites
1 cup of diced onion, green pepper, and tomato
2 TBS of salsa

Meal #2:
6 oz. of chicken
2 cups of broccoli

Meal #3:
6 oz. of buffalo flank steak or other lean red meat
2 cups of asparagus

Super Pak: With meal #1 (Extra B-Complex, Antioxidants
and all the micronutrients essential for muscle growth.)

Lean Out: 1 Lean Out with each meal. (Due to the high fat
content, Lean Out was taken to keep blood lipids mobile
and to utilize ingested fat as an energy source.)

Ultra 40: 10 tablets with each meal. Ultra 40 is a treasure
drove of bodybuilding nutrients. It helps me increase my
energy level and strength on lower carbs.

Mass Amino: 6 tablets with each meal. Positive nitrogen
balance translates to sustained muscle gains.

Muscle Synergy: 16 tablets on an empty stomach in the
morning and pre-workout. Workout focus, pump, strength,
and anabolism.

Multi-Enzyme: 2 tablets with each meal. Aids in the digestion
of this hyper-caloric diet.
For the final week of the diet, I decided to optimize the glycogendepleted environment my body was in. In an effort to create a water saturation effect and further my lean mass gains, I increased the calories coming from carbohydrates and decreased my calories from fat. The calories coming from protein remained high throughout the entire diet. This final phase of the diet allowed me to gain even more lean mass, while maintaining my current body fat percentage.

Meal #1: 6 oz. chicken breast, 1/2 cup oatmeal,
3 scoops Beverly Mass Maker

Meal #2: 6 scoops Mass Maker

Meal #3: 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 5 oz. roast beef,
6 oz. baked potato, 3 scoops Mass Maker

Meal #4: 6 scoops Mass Maker

Meal #5: 6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup pinto beans,
1 cup broccoli, 3 scoops Mass Maker

Meal #6: 6 scoops Mass Maker


Super Pak: With meal #1

Ultra 40: 10 with each meal

Mass Amino: 6 with each meal

Creatine Select: 1 scoop taken with meals 1-4
(Sent my strength levels through the ceiling.)

Muscle Synergy: 16 taken on an empty stomach in the
morning and pre-workout

Endurance Training and Physique Competition

Q I am preparing to run a marathon and then enter a figure competition six weeks later. I need to lose body fat and put on some muscle! I started dieting for my figure competition but noticed that my energy levels are not as good as they were when I go out for a run. My legs don’t have that "get up and go" power like they did before. What should I do?

A (Rita Kaya, R.D., NPC Masters Nationals Overall Champion) Unfortunately, endurance sports and physique sports are not 100% compatible, especially when spaced so close together. Your energy does suffer while your body becomes adjusted to burning internal fat for energy rather than its preferred easy source - carbs. Changing your diet to accommodate the marathon will affect your diet for physique competition and vice versa. There is a solution though – a strategic and optimal supplement program can help you prepare for both events simultaneously.

Here’s why:

1: Optimal micronutrient and lean mass support is critical for your shape, condition, and ability to burn fat (as well as power your performance in your endurance sport). Mass Aminos and Ultra 40’s are "mandatory staples". I would also make sure to include Muscle Synergy.

Ultra 40’s have the additional benefit of increasing endurance, stamina, strength as well as protecting lean mass. I would use a dose of 18 tablets per day, at least until after your marathon.

Muscle Synergy becomes even more effective as a person’s stress load increases. Your events are positioning you as a prime example of maximal stress load! Muscle Synergy lets you retain lean muscle even with maximal endurance training. It also increases your motivation and energy (which you’ll definitely need in large doses to prepare simultaneously for physique and endurance.) Plus, latest research in Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that Rhodiola Rosea in the exact dose found in new Muscle Synergy increases endurance capacity and time to exhaustion.

Mass Aminos allow you to maintain "positive nitrogen balance", exert a directly anabolic effect on new muscle synthesis, and improve protein utilization from all of the foods you eat.

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2: Recovery supplements are equally important not only to preserve lean mass but also to prevent metabolic down-regulation from over-training and effects of exercise induced oxidative muscle damage.

Glutamine Select: Drink 1 scoop per 8 oz water every twenty minutes during endurance training and sip during the marathon. Just put a couple of scoops in your water bottle and sip as you run. Your energy and feeling of well being will substantially improve as will overall recovery.

Running produces vast amounts of damaging free radicals so antioxidant supplementation is a must. Take 2 tablets after endurance training and 1 before the marathon, 2 after, and another 1 or 2 at bedtime after the marathon.

3: Lipotropic (fat loss) supplements like Lean Out and Energy Reserve help your body use fat as fuel more readily and efficiently. This not only helps with the obvious goal to lose body fat but also helps preserve glycogen stores (an important endurance factor) and lean mass.

Lean Out – 2 capsules before every meal.

4: Other supportive supplements:

Joint Care – 3 capsules daily: Muscle building, fat depleting, and pavement pounding is destructive to joints and the connective tissue that supports joints! They need all the help they can get.

ZMA 2 capsules before bed: Improves restorative quality of sleep while boosting anabolic drive and immune support. This enhances repair and synthesis of tissues and lean mass.

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