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By: Roger Riedinger
Body Muscle Volume 5

Food to Supplement Ratio 75% / 25% Synergy By Prescription?

Q I’ll be blunt; I simply can’t afford to take all these supplements all the time. Once I reach my goal, can I back off of some of them and still stay in shape. Will my results reverse when I quit taking a supplement? Is it true we’ll need a prescription to get Synergy because it’s so strong?

A I can’t afford all our supplements either. Real food is more important than supplements – figure 75% food – 25% supplements. Without proper whole-food intake, you will never make maximum progress. On the other hand, if you are not taking in enough quality whole foods, supplements may be your saving grace.

Some supplements actually produce greater results when they are cycled like thermogenics, due to receptor downgrading. Many customers ask us if Muscle Synergy needs to be cycled.

Physiologically, no! However, I personally don’t use Synergy all the time, because I’m not always in a hard training mode and I don’t always want to swallow pills/capsules (or even mix powder all the time). But, when I and anyone, trains with intensity and higher volume, or goes on a restricted diet, Synergy’s fused HMB, glycine, arginine, glutamine and creatine are crucial.

Clearly no one supplement in the world (or any combo) has the muscle tissue nitrogen synthesizing power of Synergy or Synergy and Muscle Provider respectively. That has been documented medically and several pharmaceutical companies (four in fact) are interested in purchasing the patented prescription rights to Synergy (and our Provider hydrolysates). We won’t do it.

No, you do not need a prescription for Synergy even though, yes, it is strong! We have numerous studies now where documented lean muscle tissue stores are, on average 6.5–12-pounds greater in sixty days on Synergy and Muscle Provider. In our study trials, we see gains start slowing/stabilizing during the 12 to 16-week range. So this is where one might cycle!

Our further tests show that Synergy-Provider cycles can be retained by maxing out your micronutrient intake and nitrogen retention using very high aminos such as in Beverly Mass and Ultra 40 (pure liver) starting at 4-6 of each with every meal for 6-10 weeks. (If you were already using them with Muscle Synergy increase your intake by 50%.)

Beverly is unlike every other supplement company. We truly do strive for first class quality and we really do want to help you, not break your personal bank account. Leave that to the phony advertorial companies that get hit with class-action lawsuits for lying and producing sheer drivel.

abs like Suzanna McGee
   Abs like Suzanna McGee

Cheating and Eating!

Q  I’m pretty tight on my diet six days a week and then I breakdown and cheat and eat! But lately I have read that a 24-hour cheat is actually good for you if certain supplements are used.

A  Good for you? Cheating on your spouse, on your taxes and on your diet is always bad. Yes, lately people are ranting about a cheat day being okay. Come on -- one day of caloric and sugar gluttony can set you back at least seven days. Don’t do it. Cheat at one meal not four. Your body can metabolize and process a meal or two but once you get past the breaking point the fat floodgates will open. Let’s be realistic here; if you’re going to do it, then do it right. Here’s a healthy dose of preventative (or corrective) medicine. The best things you could possibly supplement with when cheating are insulin regulators and agents that preferentially increase fat oxidation (lipotropic agents). This is why we developed Beverly Lean Out. Protein is actually the best glucose/insulin regulator but Chromium, CO-Q 10, alpha lipoic acid and B-12 keep your insulin more stable after the ingestion of lots of glucose/calories. A high release of insulin inhibits fat oxidation (burning of fats), and really increases fat storage.
    Lipid-mobilizing agents such as amino acids L-Carnitine and Methionine and B-Vitamin complex subagents such as Choline, and Inositol help you to convert fats into an energy source and efficiently transport fats in the bloodstream. When I eat a fat meal, I pop 4 Lean Out along with it. (At Hollywood parties, they no longer hand out Vicoden, they hand out Lean Out -- at least they should)!

Here’re a few key pointers for finding that balance and maintaining physical excellence and sanity:

  • No cheat days - only cheat meals
  • Plan in advance when you are going to cheat and enjoy it when you do
  • Eat wisely before and after cheat meals (ex: eat lower fats and/or carbs the day before and after.)
  • Use supplements as a preventative mechanism when you cheat

Shorter Training?

Q Is there any advantage or validity to hard, short workouts and can you prescribe such a program?

A Short workouts are almost a necessity, especially if you do not use steroids. The best way to gain muscular mass and power is to work on "basic exercises" with progressively heavier weights - short and sweet. Remember, your body as a whole adapts to the stimulus provided by weight training, not just the individual muscle worked. It is very common for an intermediate, drug-free bodybuilder to start focusing on heavy leg and back training and gain inches to his arm measurement.

To make the most of this type of training routine you absolutely must focus on “muscle group movements” as opposed to isolation exercises. A "muscle group movement" works a number of related muscle groups together in unison to achieve a common cause – to make you bigger and stronger. If you try to work every muscle from every angle, you’ll end up overextending and overtaxing your recuperative ability. You’ll not only not reach your muscle building potential but actually impede muscle growth. There are only a few exercises that are really needed for your success in building muscle mass and power.

These basic muscle group movements consist of just three types of exercises. The first type, squatting movements, includes the full squat, parallel squat, and leg press. The second type is made up of pressing movements, such as the bench press, incline press, dips, standing press, and seated press. The final type, pulling movements, include the deadlift, rack deadlift, bentover row, and chins.

So where are the curls? Where are the various pulley crossovers? What about dumbbell laterals? Remember, we’re talking about the most bang (added muscle mass and strength) for the buck. Here is a basic workout for developing muscle mass and power in the athlete:

1. Full Squat: First set for 10 reps (warm-up). Second set for 6 reps (warm-up). Then do six more sets of six reps with constant poundage. Rest just sixty seconds after each set or another way to time yourself is to start a set every second minute. All six sets should be completed in less than twelve minutes. Start with a weight that is easy. Whenever you get six reps on all six work-sets, add ten pounds the next time.

2. Rack Deadlift: 1 x 10 warm-up; 3 x max reps with a weight you think you can do for ten reps (10RM), do as many reps as possible each set. When you can exceed ten reps on the first two sets, add twenty pounds the next workout. Two minutes rest between sets. 3. Bentover Row: First set 10 reps (warm-up). Second set for 6 reps (warm-up). Next three sets for 6-8 reps. When you get eight reps on each of the last three sets, add ten pounds the next time. Two minutes rest between sets.


1. Bench Press: First set for 10 reps (warm-up). Second set for 6 reps (warm-up). Then six sets of six reps (or less if you fail sooner). If you do not make six reps on a set reduce the weight ten pounds the next set and stay with that weight until you cannot reach six reps again. Whenever you get six reps on all six sets with the same weight, add ten pounds the next time. Two minutes rest between sets. This is VERY important to monitor.

2. Seated Press: 4 sets of 5-7 reps, using the same weight for each set. Three minute rest interval. Add weight when you can get seven reps on all sets.

3. Dips: 5 sets. First set for 8 reps (warm-up). Add weight for second set, 8 reps as heavy as you can go. Add weight for third and forth sets for 5-6 reps as heavy as you can go. (Add weight the next time whenever you reach the top number). Finish off with a fifth set of maximum repetitions with bodyweight. Keep trying to add one more. Two minute rest interval.

Wednesday: (Rest)


1. Leg Press: One warm up sets at ten reps (50% 1RM). Two sets of 10 reps (heavy 75% 1RM), then reduce the weight by ten percent and do one set of 20 reps or as many as you can do. On this set do the first ten repetitions with one breath between each rep, the next five reps with two breaths, and the last five with three breaths between each rep.

2. Deadlift: (3 sets). First set, 10 reps with 50% of 1RM (1-Repetition Max). Second set, maximum number of reps with 75% 1RM. Third set, maximum reps with 90% 1RM. Two minutes rest between each set.

3. Weighted Chins: (5 sets). First set for 8 reps (warm-up). Add weight to second set for 8 reps, as heavy as you can go. Add weight to third and forth sets of 5-6 reps, as heavy as you can go. (Once you reach the top number in the rep range, add weight for the next workout). Fifth set of maximum repetitions with bodyweight. Keep trying to add an additional rep each workout. Three minute rest interval.


1. Incline Press: (same format as Tuesday’s Bench Press)

2. Standing Press: Same as Tuesday workout (Seated Press), but this time you will take the bar from a power rack or squat rack and press from a standing position with no back support. You may need to start with a lighter weight as your supporting muscles and stabilizers may not be as conditioned yet.

3. Dips: Three sets for as many reps as possible with no added weight. Keep rest interval at two minutes and try to increase total reps each week.

Saturday and Sunday:
  (Rest and Recuperation)

These workouts focus on the basic exercises that induce overall muscle growth and strength. I strongly recommend a Beverly Super Pak with your first meal, Mass Maker with Muscle Provider after training and Ultimate Muscle Protein at bedtime!

Give this program a six-week trial and you’ll see that performing multiple sets of the core "muscle group movements" will give you better results than you got in the last year.

Training Intensity

Q Everything that I’ve read says that training intensity is the bottom line. I train harder than anyone in the gym. I’m careful not to overtrain by training each bodypart just once per week. Here’s my schedule: Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Back, Thursday: Legs, Friday: Shoulders, Saturday: Arms. I take Wednesday and Sunday off.
    Each set after warm up is taken to positive failure. I’ll often do forced reps on my last set of each exercise. Here’s my problem - I’ve been stuck at 225 pounds on the bench press for three months, I’ve made no improvements in size or strength anywhere except legs. I don’t think I can train any harder. Help!

A Intensity is a part of the bodybuilding equation, but certainly not the only, or even most important variable. Simply training harder is rarely the answer. I learned this the hard way. When Nautilus equipment first came on the scene I was part of a field study group. Our mission was to see just how hard we could train a particular exercise. With each set under supervision we’d train to positive failure, then do forced reps, then negative failure. (These sets made everyone involved physically sick!) As each week passed, our ability to withstand pain increased and we’d take each set a little farther into the ultra-intensity zone. At the end of the study I learned that the only progress I had made was the ability to train harder without puking. Although I was able to use a little more weight on the exercises we trained for a given number of reps, my actual muscle size decreased and my strength on other exercises declined!

Instead of making a big deal of training intensity, focus instead on slowly and steadily increasing training poundages with consistently good form. You do not have to go to failure each set. However, somewhere in your series of sets for a particular exercise you should strive to add one additional rep to a set or five pounds to the bar for the same number of reps.

We at Body Muscle believe in continuous incremental improvement from a routine or exercise. The idea is to "coax" the body into growth. Think in terms of adding an ounce of muscle at every training session. Four sessions per week over 52 weeks will results in a little more than a pound a month, that’s thirteen pounds of muscle in a year!

But proper training intensity is just one part of the formula for muscle size and strength. There are other support factors that are just as important. Very simply, in order to grow, a muscle must be stimulated to grow through exercise, given an abundance of nutrients from food and supplements to make certain that everything required to synthesize muscle tissue is available, and enough rest to allow the process to take place.

Ultimate Muscle Protein Versus Muscle Provider

Q I can afford only one so what’s the difference between Ultimate Muscle Protein and Muscle Provider?

A Lamborghini or Ferrari? They’re both better than anything else on the road. Ultimate Muscle Protein is really a food (or MRP) and Muscle Provider is really a supplemental protein. There’s no difference in the results, only in the ratio of macronutrients.

Mark Ritter Most Muscular Pose
National middleweight bodybuilding champion, Mark Ritter once weighed only 100 pounds

Muscle Provider has an extremely high level of medical-grade whey hydrolysates (predigested), whey isolates, and egg white. Half of Provider’s amino acid profile consists of the eight Essential Amino Acids and more than half the essentials comes from critically-important Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Muscle Provider has no added fats or carbs, so it’s extremely versatile and allows you to add protein to any meal, food, shake or even in-between meals when you want a surplus of nitrogen. Muscle Provider is absorbed quicker than Ultimate Muscle Protein, so if fast nitrogen uptake, (such as is required post-workout) is what you are after, then Muscle Provider may be your best choice. But we have thousands of athletes that use Ultimate Muscle Protein as their postworkout drink and they gain pound after pound of muscle too. Anytime you need protein, essential amino acids, and BCAAs without any added carbs or fat, then use Muscle Provider, especially within eight weeks of a contest, wedding, class reunion etc. The low calorie content and super-high BCAA content of Provider is very conducive to rapid fat loss. Client after client raves about the taste of Muscle Provider too. The vanilla-flavor is usually compared in flavor and smell to cake mix and the chocolate has a deep cocoa flavor similar to Nestle’s Quick.

UMP is a slower release blend of protein that is comprised of milk isolates, whey, egg, and beef. It has complex carbs and healthful fats added to make it perform and digest like a whole food. Ultimate Muscle Protein is 50% Protein, 30% Fats, and 20% Carb. PERFECT to build muscle and shed fat at the SAME time. Ultimate Muscle Protein has a rich creamy taste and texture for both flavors and I think we’ve encountered just three people in 2.5 years that haven’t loved the taste. And because Ultimate Muscle Protein is a whole food, it can be used in cooking very easily.

He Wants Arnold’s Chest

Q I’ve been benching till’ I am goofy. How do I get a really thick chest like Arnold at his best? What supplements work best?

A Arnold Schwarzenegger focused on the "top part" of his chest -- incline benches and incline flyes. I use to do everything on a flat bench, but it wasn’t until I stopped training like everybody else that I started making real progress. Most people tend to bench too much with their shoulders and triceps than really focusing on the chest. Heck, bench press specialists train to become proficient at benching WITHOUT using the pecs! It’s basically a result of just trying to add more weight instead of training for development. In reality you have to keep your elbows pretty high and bring the bar down high on your chest to really hit the pectorals hard on a flat bench - but this will reduce your poundages.

For maximum pectoral stimulus you actually want to bring the bar down a few inches above your breastbone. Incline presses and flyes are huge for developing a huge chest! Below is a sample training program and up-cycling supplement regimen to get results fast. This supplement protocol is not for the faint of heart and is an all out blast on immediate and fast weight and strength gain potential. And when I say fast, I’m talking a six-week program. We’ve seen people start with 175 on the incline bench the first week and end up using 250-275 by the final week.
Try this:

Incline Bench Press   6 x 6
Flat Bench Flyes        3 x 10
Dips 6 x 6

Lying French Press   6 x 6
Tricep Pressdowns   4 x 8

On week one, start light. Use a weight you can get for 12 reps but do just 6 reps per set. Stay with the same weight for all 6 sets. Each week, add 5 % to your training weight through week five. On week six, go all out using the maximum amount of weight possible. Try to get at least 4 reps on all sets the final week.

Robb Rickman side bicep
Up Cycle Supplement Regimen:

5 Ultra 40 per meal weeks one to three (starting on week four, add one more tablet per meal each week.)

5 Mass per meal weeks one to three (starting on week four, add one more tablet per meal each week.)

Creatine Monohydrate: Start on week three: mix one teaspoon in water prior to every meal or protein drink. Weeks four through six: one teaspoon Creatine mixed in water with each dose Muscle Synergy.

Muscle Synergy: Start on week three, take eight tablets twice daily on an empty stomach.

Week four, take eight tablets three times daily on empty stomach

Weeks five and six, take twelve tablets three times daily on empty stomach. Note: Best times to take Synergy are first thing in morning twenty minutes prior to first meal, thirty to forty minutes prior to training, and immediately after training. On non-training days continue to take two or three times daily. Twenty to thirty minutes prior to meals.

Note: Best times to take Synergy are first thing in morning twenty minutes prior to first meal, thirty to forty minutes prior to training, and immediately after training. On non-training days continue to take two or three times daily. Twenty to thirty minutes prior to meals.

*Please note, if you have never used Ultra 40 or Mass before, start with two or three per meal on week one and cycle up from there.

Joni Lee stacks Ultra 40

Joni Lee Ultra 40 Mass Amino stack, part of her content prep to win Ms Cincinnati

Protein Recipes!

Q I really like UMP and Muscle Provider. I think I am innovative but are there any recipes that you guys recommend.

A Ultimate Muscle Protein is often considered our best tasting protein. 100% Egg works well in recipes, because it adds consistency to the mix. 1 scoop of 100% Egg is equal to 8 Egg Whites and 1 container is equivalent to approx. 256 Egg Whites! There is minimal sodium. The Egg will even bring out the flavor of the Ultimate Muscle Protein Chocolate. Now, 100% Egg is not exactly something you would drink by itself for the taste. But, 100% Egg is the best single source of protein on the planet. That’s why Egg White is added to all our other protein blends.

Visit our Recipes section for: Protein Pancakes / Waffles / Crepes look for crepe recipe and a lot of other great uses for Ultimate Muscle Protein.

Here are some recipes!

Strongman/lifter/bodybuilder Steven Wade:
2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein Chocolate in water
1 scoop 100% Egg
3 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons natural Peanut Butter
16 oz. water and ice cubes

Bodybuilder Mark Ritter:
4 scoops Muscle Provider vanilla
10 oz. Diet Red Soda
6 ice cubes

Fitness star Rachel Johnson:
2 scoops Vanilla Muscle Provider
1 scoop Vanilla Ultimate Muscle Protein
2 tsp. sugar free orange Tang drink mix
6 large ice cubes
12 oz. water

Teen Bodybuilder Tom Collins’ favorite "Cocktail"
(That is his name)
After my workout:
16 oz. water
3 scoops Muscle Provider Chocolate
1 scoop Mass Maker

Roger’s favorite is a Frank Zane. (3-time Mr. Olympia) recommendation:
My favorite is a Frank Zane (3-time Mr. Olympia) recommendation: 60-minutes before training, I mix 3/4 cup Muscle Provider (about 3 scoops) with 2 oz. heavy whipping cream, 1 egg yolk (use ½ carton Egg Beaters instead), 12 oz water and three ice cubes. Or 2 scoops Muscle Provider Chocolate (stirred into about 8 oz. water in a plastic cup.)

Bodybuilder Jeremiah Forster:
I like Muscle Provider and Mass Maker.
1.5 scoops Muscle Provider Chocolate
4 scoops Mass Maker
16 - 24 oz. Water
(If I have time I will use only about 4 - 6 oz. of water and make a thick paste, freeze for 3 - 4 hours and eat like Ice Cream)

Bodybuilder and Beverly Staffer Tim Mielke:
3 scoops of chocolate Ultimate Muscle Protein
4 TBS heavy cream and just enough water to make a pudding
A couple tablespoons of sugar free cool whip.

Beverly Staffer: Lana Mason:
1 scoop Muscle Provider (either Flavor) 1 scoop Ultimate Muscle Protein (either flavor) 12 oz. water (if I’m using Vanilla powder, I’ll occasionally mix it in a diet drink)

Sandy Riedinger (the real boss):
10 oz. Of water in a blender 2 scoops Vanilla Muscle Provider 1 scoop Oatmeal 3 large frozen strawberries.