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    by Roger Riedinger and BodyMuscle Staff
    Body Muscle Volume 5

Food - Supplement Ratio 75% / 25%. Synergy By Prescription?

Q Iíll be blunt; I simply canít afford to take all these supplements all the time. Once I reach my goal, can I back off of some of them and still stay in shape. Will my results reverse when I quit taking a supplement? Is it true we'll need a prescription to get Synergy because it's so strong?

A I canít afford all our supplements either. Real food is more important than supplements ó figure 75% food ó 25% supplements. Without proper whole-food intake, you will never make maximum progress. On the other hand, if you are not taking in enough quality whole foods, supplements may be your saving grace.
    Some supplements actually produce greater results when they are cycled like thermogenics, due to receptor downgrading. Many customers ask us if Muscle Synergy needs to be cycled. Physiologically, no! However, I personally donít use Synergy all the time, because Iím not always in a hard training mode and I donít always want to swallow pills/capsules (or even mix powder all the time). But, when I and anyone, trains with intensity and higher volume, or goes on a restricted diet, Synergyís fused HMB, glycine, arginine, glutamine and creatine are crucial.
    Clearly no one supplement in the world (or any combo) has the muscle tissue nitrogen synthesizing power of Synergy or Synergy and Muscle Provider respectively. That has been documented medically and several pharmaceutical companies (four in fact) are interested in purchasing the patented prescription rights to Synergy (and our Provider hydrolysates). We wonít do it. No, you do not need a prescription for Synergy even though, yes, it is strong! We have numerous studies now where documented lean muscle tissue stores are, on average 6.5ó12-pounds greater in sixty days on Synergy and Muscle Provider. In our study trials, we see gains start slowing/stabilizing during the 12 to 16- week range. So this is where one might cycle!
    Our further tests show that Synergy-Provider cycles can be retained by maxing out your micronutrient intake and nitrogen retention using very high aminos such as in Beverly Mass and Ultra 40 (pure liver) starting at 4-6 of each with every meal for 6- 10 weeks. (If you were already using them with Muscle Synergy increase your intake by 50%.)
    Beverly is unlike every other supplement company. We truly do strive for first class quality and we really do want to help you, not break your personal bank account. Leave that to the phony advertorial companies that get hit with class-action lawsuits for lying and producing sheer drivel.

abs like Suzanna McGee

Cheating and Eating!

Q  I'm pretty tight on my diet six days a week and then I breakdown and cheat and eat! But lately I have read that a 24-hour cheat is actually good for you if certain supplements are used.

A  Good for you? Cheating on your spouse, on your taxes and on your diet is always bad. Yes, lately people are ranting about a cheat day being okay. Come on -- one day of caloric and sugar gluttony can set you back at least seven days. Don't do it. Cheat at one meal not four. Your body can metabolize and process a meal or two but once you get past the breaking point the fat floodgates will open. Let's be realistic here; if you're going to do it, then do it right. Here's a healthy dose of preventative (or corrective) medicine. The best things you could possibly supplement with when cheating are insulin regulators and agents that preferentially increase fat oxidation (lipotropic agents). This is why we developed Beverly Lean Out. Protein is actually the best glucose/insulin regulator but Chromium, CO-Q 10, alpha lipoic acid and B-12 keep your insulin more stable after the ingestion of lots of glucose/calories. A high release of insulin inhibits fat oxidation (burning of fats), and really increases fat storage.
    Lipid-mobilizing agents such as amino acids L-Carnitine and Methionine and B-Vitamin complex subagents such as Choline, and Inositol help you to convert fats into an energy source and efficiently transport fats in the bloodstream. When I eat a fat meal, I pop 4 Lean Out along with it. (At Hollywood parties, they no longer hand out Vicoden, they hand out Lean Out -- at least they should)! Here're a few key pointers for finding that balance and maintaining physical excellence and sanity:
• No cheat days - only cheat meals.
• Plan in advance when you are going to cheat and enjoy it when you do.
• Eat wisely before and after cheat meals (ex: eat lower fats and/or carbs the day before and after.)
• Use supplements as a preventative mechanism when you cheat.

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